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Aims and Objectives

Under the terms of John Martin’s original Will and the amended Charity Commission Scheme, the main purpose of the Charity is to benefit the residents of the Town and neighbourhood of Evesham, Worcestershire. This is achieved through the implementation of four specific aims, each having their own objective:

1.   Propagation of the Christian Gospel -

      To assist the Vicar in the Parishes of Hampton and Bengeworth and to support the three Parochial Church Councils within the Town of Evesham.

2.   Relief in Need -

      To assist generally or individually those resident within the Town of Evesham who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress.

3.   Promotion of education –

      To promote education to those residing within the Town of Evesham and to provide benefits to the schools and college in the Town.

4.   Health –

      To relieve the need of those with chronic health problems and other related health issues who either live within Evesham or in the immediate surrounding area.

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