Further and higher educational or vocational studies

Students aged between 16 and the current State Retirement Age may apply for an educational grant if they are attending a University or College or are studying via the Open University. Qualifying courses include full and part-time HND, Degree and Post-graduate courses. Part-time vocational courses, including those being part of a modern apprenticeship, may also qualify.

Please enquire to see if your proposed course qualifies for a grant.

The Charity does not currently provide grants for full time courses below HND/Degree level. However, Colleges may have funds available to assist students directly in some circumstances. Please contact your College to see if they can help.

The application period for HND/Degree courses normally opens in July and closes by late September – late applications will not be accepted. Grants for part-time vocational course are available throughout the year.

To qualify for a grant, an applicant must have been permanently resident or (if living away from home during term term) have maintained a residential address in the Town of Evesham for at least 12 months immediately prior to 1st September in the year of the application.

Students aged 25 and over at the start of their course will also be subject to a full financial assessment.

Documentation to evidence residency in Evesham is required as part of the application. Grants will not be considered without this evidence and information about this is detailed on the Application Form.

In order to reduce the number of people visiting the Charity’s Office during the pandemic, the application period has been extended until 4 October and the grant process has also changed. You can either:

  • present your application in person during our opening times
  • put it through our letterbox when we are closed or
  • post it.

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope so that your documents can be returned to you. We are not able to accept emailed or faxed applications.

Entry to our Office is restricted to one person at a time and so if you do attend the Office, you may be required to queue.

Please also ensure that you comply with the terms detailed on the Application Form and provide the requested documentary evidence. Your application cannot be processed without this evidence and you may not receive the requested grant.

The grant amounts will be set at the end of October and the Category "A" Grants will now be paid in two instalments - November/December and February/March.

Further details about the current grants on offer and Application Forms are available from the Charity’s Office or via the attached links:

Student Grants on offer 2021-22

Student Grant Application Form 2021-22  - Please do not submit your Application Form before 1 July 2021. You cannot submit this form online.

Full details are also advertised in the Evesham Journal and the Vale Magazine during the summer and are provided to the local high schools and colleges.

Educational Visits and Music, Arts and Sports Activities (Miscellaneous Education Grant) 

Grants of up to £175 may be available for students aged 4 – 18 who are resident in the Town of Evesham for suitable activities including school and club trips, music lessons / instrument hire, sporting activities. Applications are subject to an income assessment based on the number of adults and children in a household. Housing costs are also taken into consideration and so although you may not qualify for a school uniform grant or other general “relief in need” grant, you may still qualify for assistance towards these costs.

For a quick eligibility check to see whether you may qualify for assistance for this type of grant, please click here. 

Only one grant per child per academic year will be considered for music / sport / club activities. In addition, one educational trip/visit per child per school can also be applied for.

Application Form – School trips/extra curricula/club activities

"Standards of Excellence" Awards

Grants may be awarded to students aged 4 - 18 who are resident in the Town of Evesham for achieving a "standard of excellence" in a sporting or arts / music area. A "standard of excellence" would normally be regarded as a representative honour or coaching / performance selection at a county level, or above, but Trustees retain the discretion to recognise other achievements where the applicant has achieved recognition in the face of adversity. Applications are not subject to a financial assessment but only one grant per child in any 12 month period is available for a "standard of excellence" award under this scheme.

Suitable evidence of the achievement is required as part of the application.

Application Form – Standard of Excellence Award

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