General Assistance

Grants may be available for the benefit of children, families, individuals, the disabled and anyone who is on a low income or who is in financial difficulty due to a variety of circumstances. Applicants must live in the Town of Evesham and may either be in employment or in receipt of benefits. All applications are subject to a financial assessment and evidence of income and housing costs must be provided.

Grants will be considered for a variety of purposes including help with school uniforms, essential household items, medical and mobility equipment, utility bills, gaps in income payments, etc..

Payments for council tax and fines will not be considered under any circumstances.

The Charity is not able to replace statutory benefits and so evidence that this type of assistance has already been applied for will be required. In some circumstances, applicants may also need to show that assistance has been sought from another agency, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and this may be a condition of grant approval, especially where debts are involved.

If a grant is approved for household furniture and fittings, the items may be supplied by Roundabout.

Please contact the Charity’s Office in confidence to discuss your request.

General Assistance Application Form

The above link will direct you to our on-line application site. If you are not able to access this, please contact the Charity for a paper application form.

If you have a support worker who will assist you with your application, please also ask them to complete the following Referral Form:

Support Agency Referral Form

(Note for Support Agency - The above link will direct you to our on-line application site. If you are not able to access this, please contact the Charity for a paper referral form.)

School Uniform Costs

Grants may be available to assist with the cost of school uniform for children aged 4 – 18. Applications can only be considered in respect of children living with a parent or guardian in the Town of Evesham and requests are subject to an income assessment. Uniform grants are limited to one per child per school e.g. infant, junior, middle and high school. For those attending a College, a grant may be available if specialist clothing is required for the course.

From 7 August 2020 the Charity has amended the financial criteria for School Uniform Grants in order to increase their availability to those in employment but on a low income. Even if you have been declined in previous years, it may be worth applying to see if you qualify under our revised criteria. Please apply using the General Assistance Application Form

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