Grant applications may be considered from organisations that specifically support residents of the Town of Evesham provided that the group’s activity fits within the governing scheme and aims of John Martin's Charity. The organisation does not have to be based in Evesham but must be able to provide evidence that Evesham residents are being assisted and that this local work forms the major or a substantial part of their purpose.

The Charity does not restrict the number of grants that an organisation can apply for but the Trustees cannot commit to repeat or renewal funding. Each request is judged on its own merit at the time of the application with the Trustees also having regard for the amount requested and considering what funds they have available for distribution. The Trustees will not approve retrospective requests.

Every year the Trustees set a budget for organisation grants and the Charity regularly receives application requests well in excess of that budget. Approval of an application cannot therefore be assumed and the amount of the grant awarded may be less than that requested especially if a number of equally deserving applications have been received.

The Trustees will consider requests for both capital items and general expenditure, including project costs. The application should detail what other funds have already been or are expected to be raised and from what source. It is unusual for the Charity to provide the majority of the funds. Preference will therefore be given to groups who show self-help or who can give valid reasons why alternative sources of finance are not available.

Organisations must provide the following with their Application Form:

  • Latest annual accounts.
  • Latest bank statement showing the current balance and the name of the organisation.
  • Relevant literature about the organisation – leaflet/flyer etc…
  • If the request relates to a project or capital item, a full breakdown of the expected costs should also be provided together with details of the items being purchased.

Payment of approved grants:

  • Equipment - normally paid against an agreed invoice, either direct to the supplier or by direct credit to the organisation’s bank account.
  • Project or on-going costs – normally paid in stages by direct credit against agreed targets.
  • General expenditure - normally paid by direct credit.

Organisation grants are only considered once per quarter, approximately 4 weeks after the following application closing dates:

1st June, 1st September, 20th November and 1st March.

The receipt of the application will be acknowledged and you may be contacted in order to obtain further information. The Clerk and/or Trustees may also need to visit the group as part of the application process.

If an Organisation Grant has been approved, general details about the grant (name, amount, project) will be detailed in our Trustees' Annual Report and Financial Statements. In applying to the Charity you acknowledge that this information will be available to the general public.

Please contact the Charity’s Office if you would like to discuss your application prior to submission. 

An Application Form can be obtained here.

The Directory of Social Change published research in 2013. This detailed how the late filing of a charity's annual report and accounts at the Charity Commission could adversely affect a grant request. Please note that as part of the grant process, John Martin's Charity does review information held on the Charity Commission website and will take that information into account. Please click here if wish to the view their report.

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